Creating a healthier information environment for all Alaskans.

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This project is a collaborative one, with researchers, students, and public health professionals working hand-in-hand to build better communities.

Combating misinformation one like at a time.

Moving the needle on vaccine hesitancy.


OCT. 2020

As COVID-19 continued to spread, misinformation, disinformation, and mistrust were a pandemic of their own. The beginnings of the Alaska Health Misinformation Response Project launched in October to determine the scope of the problem, and identify some potential long- and short-term solutions for combating health misinformation

NOV. 2020

The initial response included students at the University of Alaska Anchorage, public health and health care professionals across the state of Alaska, and academics and professors. All worked together as a part of the Alaska Health Misinformation Response Project to identify misinformation aboutCOVID-19 on social media, and respond directly to correct misconceptions and incorrect information. 

DEC. 2020

The overall organizational
structure of the information response team was formalized,
with internal coordination, responsibilities, and roles being further defined to facilitate more efficient project execution.

OCT. 2021

PROJECT EXPANDS Thanks to initial success and progress, the response team expanded in scope and personnel to better inform and educate Alaskans about COVID-19, public health misinformation, and how to address the spread of both in our communities. 

NOV. 2021

COMPREHENSIVE MISINFORMATION RESPONSE BEGINS (ALASKA HEALTH MISINFORMATION RESPONSE PROJECT) With funding secured via the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services (now the Alaska Department of Health), the comprehensive phase of the Alaska Health Misinformation Response Project commenced, with an overall goal of providing Alaskans with tools to vet the quality of health information online and in their communities.

DEC. 2021

COMPREHENSIVE MISINFORMATION RESPONSE CONTINUES Throughout the duration of this project, the group has developed unique research strategies for reaching and engaging Alaskans, produced a suite of video and other creative assets to support this outreach, and partnered with community organizations to better inform the public about COVID-19, vaccination, and public health misinformation in general.